Saturday, 3 March 2012

Pocket purse

My latest creation is a pocket purse. I always like to use as much of a pair of jeans as possible in my recycling, but the front pockets are a real challenge.

First I cut out my front piece. Careful placing is needed here to avoid any metal studs. Cut the back to match from another part of the jeans.

I used the zipper food to sew the zip to the front piece, and then to the back.

Top stitch the pieces for a neater finish.

Put the two pieces right sides together and sew round the edge. Make sure you open the zip first! After sewing, clip the curved seam and turn right side out through the zip.


  1. Hi, thank you for your comment on Green Bag Lady. Will you email me? I would like to talk to you about how Green Bag Lady can help your cause too. We get a lot of inquiries about fabric donations and am wondering if I can send some your way. My email is:


    Thanks! Teresa (aka Green Bag Lady)

  2. Thanks Teresa. Have emailed you.

  3. I love how you don't let anything go to waste!!! This is such a handy size for a little coin purse.

  4. This is too cool. I'm so obsessed with Re-purposing jeans right now I've been asking everyone in my family if they have old jeans they don't want so I can make things out of them!

    Thanks for linking up at my blog party - I'm now following you!


  5. Thanks Pam - you're right; I don't like to waste anything. I do draw the line at unpicking the jeans to use the zip and waistband though!
    Thank you Pamela. Hope you find some inspiration here.

  6. thanks for the directions. I'll try a few.