Thursday, 31 August 2017

Updates at last

I have really neglected this page recently - I can only blame a very busy school year and a summer spent recovering.  Along with the recovering I have, of course, been sewing, and have a number of updates to share.
My first update is that I have been branching out into new areas.  This includes making denim quilts.  I began this enterprise as a development of quilt making, using traditional fabrics.  It seems fitting that I am returning to quilt making but with denim.  Here is the first of those quilts.  It is a double bed size.  I think it may have been over ambitious for a first venture into quilt making, as it did take a very long time to complete.  I didn't use a pattern of any sort and started it as a way of using up some of the many back pockets I had.
The sashing is made from some very heavy old cotton sheets I was given, which I dyed in the blue and yellow you can see.  I backed the quilt with some more sheeting, and fastened the layers together with a variety of white buttons, again given to me.  I am very pleased with the overall effect.

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