Sunday, 1 April 2012

Makeup bag tutorial

This one was inspired by lots of different bags I have seen, but I made it to fit the fabrics I had at the time.

Apologies in advance for the different fabrics in this tutorial - I was making 5 at once and kept changing the bag I was photographing!
You will need:
Main fabric (mine is denim, of course!):
Two 4"x6" rectangles, with the corners rounded.
Two strips 2"x17"
Lining and contrast fabric:
Two 4"x6" rectangles, with the corners rounded.
Two strips 2"x17"
One strip 2"x about 40" for binding (can be two pieces)
Two pieces 2"x4"
One 16" zip 
If you are not using a heavy fabric (as I was) you might want to add interfacing or batting to the top and sides.

  Sandwich the zip between two 2"x17" strips.  Put the zip facing your main fabric and then put two fabrics right sides together.  Using your zipper foot, stitch close to the zip.
Repeat withe the two matching strips.  Press away from the zip and topstitch close to the edge of the fabric.
Add both of the 2"x4" strips to the bottom edge of the zip, one on top and one below, right sides together.
Turn back and top stitch.  Fold the other ends under about 1/4" and top stitch to the other end of the zip, to make a loop.

Put one top and one lining 6"x4" rectangle wrong sides together.  Top stitch round the edge, as close to the edge as you can (I did about 1/8").
Carefully pin your zip band all the way round the edge of this rectangle.

At this point I found it essential to check inside and out to make sure you have picked up all the layers of fabric!
Pin the binding fabric all the way round the seam and stitch. 
Turn over, turn the edge under 1/4" and hand stitch.  I wanted to top stitch (I hate hand sewing!) but I found there were just too many layers of fabric.
Repeat with the base.  Voila - finished!
It's quite a cute little bag.  The tricky bit was attaching the side to the base and top - I found it really hard to make sure I caught all the layers.  However, I think it turned out OK in the end.
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  1. Your reuse of denim jeans is amazing!!! Fabulous makeup bag and a great tutorial!

  2. Thanks Pam. Not sure how many I will make ... all that hand sewing...!

  3. love that pocket! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday and for linking back to the party!