Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Preview - tutorial on its way!

I'm really pleased with my latest creation and want to share it with you.  I also want to give you a tutorial so you can make your own ... but I haven't written the tutorial yet.  I took the photos as I made it, but haven't had time to put them together.  So...
I used some lovely Kenyan fabric for the inside of this playmat, and denim for the outside:
That loop of fabric looks a bit odd doesn't it?  However, leave the toys on the mat...
...and pull the handles together....
 ...and fasten the magnetic snap ....
... and your playmat becomes a bag.

Inspired by this, I turned it into a hexagonal patched mat (nobody has jeans that big!) and decided that loops would work better for me than a casing. I couldn't resist the opportunity to use some of my wondderful Kenyan fabric stock either.  What do you think?  Tutorial will follow later this week if you think it would be useful.

I'll be sharing this at the following link parties:
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  1. That's really creative! Good for busy mums :-)

    1. Thanks Agy - nice to know you like it. The tutorial is now written and scheduled to post tomorrow morning UK time.

  2. How brilliant is that! I think the loops would be easier than a casing!

  3. I like this portable play mat much better than the one made circle shaped. I could use scraps with your idea. Also, I like the belt loops instead of getting metal rings. Great idea! Love your blog. Thanks for joining mine so I could find out about yours. enJOYing.