Sunday, 22 April 2012

Little tote bag with flower

The inspiration for today's bags came from here. I used the measurements but probably changed just about everything else, if I am honest!  I made mine shorter by using a 2" cutout for the boxy base.  I had to trim down the sides somewhat - I think a greater seam allowance was used on the original (I habitually sew bags with a 1/4" seam).  I also used somewhat wider and longer handles, and added a flap with a magnetic catch. The flowers are different too - the one on the third, bright bag was my own design, trying to cater for the thick curtain fabric I was using, and the others were similar to the pattern here.
I did break with my own tradition on this bag and use a fairly stiff interfacing, and I rather like the effect.  I may be going to Ebay to find an economical supply of interfacing, I think.
My bags were made from denim and more of the curtain samples I was given.  I'm about half way down the supply now!

I will be sharing these bags at some of the Monday link parties on my Link party page.


  1. Oh thanks for the link to that tutorial - I had seen the picture on Pinterest but I didn't realize it's for a little girl tote - I have several of those wondrous little creatures around (neighbours, or kids of friends of family members!) and wouldn't mind making them a bag in just the right size!

    Your bags are sweet - I know your pain at finding these kind of supplies for a reasonable price - here in Canada we don't have nearly the selection that many Americans have, so we tend to end up paying an arm and a leg if we buy locally. The thin iron-on interfacing I use the most is about $3.25/metre locally, but I buy it by the bolt (48 yards) for 60 cents/yard (with a coupon) when we go Stateside. The savings on a bolt pretty much pays for our gas to get down to the States!

  2. So pretty with the flower!!! If you find a cheap source of interfacing, let us know!!!

  3. Gorgeous bags! You have some very pretty curtain fabric to use!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success