Wednesday, 25 April 2012

More wrist purses

These little purses were quick and easy to make.  I made them to fit some zips I "inherited"; most of them are 7" square.  All are lined, with the same fabric as used for the wrist strap.  I think these would be good for carrying the "bare essentials" when dashing out to collect children from school, for example. 

The final one has a boxed base.  I quite like the effect, though I have to admit I didn't intend it!  I was sewing two different styles at once and got confused ... no harm done though!
I think I still have over 100 pockets waiting to be used.  I'm scouring books looking for inspiration!

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  1. Super Cute, thanks for linking up! :)

  2. Those are cute - my favourite size of zipper bag is cut to utilize the size of zippers I can get for a really good price locally!