Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sale at Sharnbrook

The weather seemed to put off most of the car-booters - at about 10am (the sale started at 8.30) I understand all but two cars had left.  I was SOOOO glad I had decided not to chance the weather and had taken a stall inside!
Buyers were thin on the ground, but those who came seemed to like the bags and I sold a lot (though you wouldn't really know it from the amount I brought home!  I was pleased with how things looked; I'm finding that fewer bags on the rail seems to sell more than packed rails. 

The owl tree (the metal spiral is an IKEA Christmas decoration) received lots of interest and was great for displaying the phone cases. 

This time I sold mostly larger bags - tote style - though the owl items were all popular too.  The playmat bag received plenty of admiration, though I didn't sell it today. 
I was home by 12.30 - and spent most of the rest of the afternoon planning some of my lessons for the impending OFSTED inspection next week.  One subject down, two to go.  Time for some sewing to relax myself, I think!


  1. Everything looks great - the Ikea display stand is perfect for your phone cases - it's unusual enough that I bet people wandered in your direction just to check it out! I'm glad you did well with your sales - how long until the next show?

    1. Believe it or not it is next weekend! Can't believe I have events either side of Ofsted coming in to inspect the school. It's a big one at Milton Keynes with face painting, plants and games for the charity as well as my bags, so I hope it will be busy.