Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Call me crazy...

OK, so you may have realised by now that I don't like to waste fabrics.  Given that, how is it that I was throwing out a bin full of scraps each week?  Well, there are certain parts of the jeans which are just not going to sew with my sewing machine.  (One of these days, I'm starting to think, I might look at an industrial machine.  But don't tell my husband!)   I don't have the patience it takes to unpick the zips either, much as I could make use of them.  But there have still been scraps of denim finding their way into the bin - and a box of them too; pieces that I couldn't cut into squares for future projects (I cut and keep 8", 6", 4" and 3" squares). So this week I started some crazy patchwork.  I think I'm hooked...!
Here is the first complete bag.  It is made up of 15 6" crazy pieced blocks, joined with 2" sashing (from curtain samples!) and lined with some dyed linen sheeting.

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  1. I don't like to waste fabric either but I'm not saving and reusing the difficult bits of jeans - I just don't need the frustration and broken needles, lol. My husband and sons work in construction so their pants get stained with all manner of permanent yuckiness, and worn out knees and rips and tears are par for the course - I save what I can and trash the rest. Your scrappy patchwork bags are cute!