Sunday, 8 April 2012

Pocket bag with various fastenings

I'm making this little bag with a variety of fastenings.  It's a simple one to do, and easily adaptable to whatever size of jeans you have to hand.  I am also experimenting with a variety of inner finishes.

This first version is the simplest.  It has an inner tab for keys, and a simple button fastening.
Take two pieces cut from the top of a pair of jeans, each with a back pocket.
Using your cutting ruler, cut a straight edge along the top of one of the pieces.
Fold the piece in half lengthwise, using the pocket to find the half way mark.  Line your ruler up with the top straight edge and cut another straight line down the side.
Use this second straight edge to cut a straight edge across the bottom:
Using sharp scissors, cut a curve on the bottom edge.
Use this piece as a template to cut the second side of your bag and the lining pieces.

Cut a strip of denim 3" wide and another of your lining fabric which is the same width.  Cut a piece for your tab 3"x4".  I cut triangles from the bottom 1" from the corner to make my tab.
 Put these tab pieces together and sew round three edges, leaving the straight top edge open.  Turn right side in and top stitch then add your button hole.

Make a strap from a 6" wide3 piece of denim.  Fold the strip in half lengthwise and press, then unfold and press the sides to the middle. Fold in half down the original fold and press firmly, then topstitch both edges.

Pin the denim strip carefully around the curved edge of the bag then stitch in place.
Repeat with the other side piece and with the linings, leaving a gap in the base of the lining to turn your bag.
Turn your bag right side in.  Pin the strap in place at the top of the gusset and pin the closure tab in place on the straight edge.  Stitch all the way round the top of your bag.
Turn through the gap in the lining and press.  Top stitch round the top edge of your bag and sew on your button.
Here are the different versions of this bag:
 With small flap - made from the front pocket of a pair of jeans.  I think this pocket would be really useful for a shopping list.
 With a large flap, made from another back pocket.   So three external pockets on this bag - flap, back, and front (under the flap).
 With a small contrast flap and feature button.  I have a lot of these buttons, recycled of course, and have plans to use them in future projects.
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