Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Embroidered panel bags: Wine!

No, not a wine bag.  Chocolate may be one of the recurring themes of my bags, but wine is another one.
I saw this slogan fairly recently and loved it.  Having sold out of most of my "wine" themed bags at Stony Stratford (thanks largely to a single customer who bought three as presents!) I have been restocking.

"Any time is the right time for a glass of wine".
So (nearly) true!

Monday, 3 November 2014

Money / tool apron

I have one of these which I use for my money at events, and find it indispensable.  It is made from two jean backs and so has two sets of jean pockets, one inside the other, with two further pockets formed by the central seam.  I use one side for money and one side for my possessions (phone, keys etc).   The outer pockets hold my pens and notepads and business cards.  I feel this keeps the cash I take very secure, and it doesn't get in my way.
I have had a few comments and queries at recent events and so decided to make some more in case other stall holders would like to buy them.  It strikes me they would also make good tool aprons or even gardening aprons.

I took this and one other apron with me this weekend; both sold!  Another remake needed!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

New drawstring bag

This pattern has been adapted from one I found in a magazine.
I took the shape from the pattern, but the dimensions were determined by the curtain samples I had to hand and wanted to use.  In the pattern the fabric came from jelly rolls.  I cut my strips to 2 1/2" as in the pattern, and used the full width of the curtain samples.  I ended up with 7 strips so cut 7 strips of denim to match and then pieced, keeping the curtain samples in the same orientation throughout.  I am pleased with the effect and they are quite different to any other bags I have made.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Penguin phone cases - massive remake!

I sold out of these so did a huge remake.  This time I have made various sizes; phones seem to be getting bigger rather than smaller and I have tried to accommodate this.