Friday, 30 March 2012

Sunglasses cases

This week's project has been some more small items.  Sunglasses cases this time, from this book:
Yes, I got two new bag books in a week.  Both are fantastic - lots of patterns and ideas, good instructions, some different things.  I just loved the sunglasses pouch in this one and knew I would have to make it.  So I did - or, more accurately, I made it 5 times:
I really had fun with choosing interesting pieces of denim for this.  How about the back of this one - what a cute flower from these little girl jeans:
And I loved the decorative stitching on this one too:
I had great fun choosing lining fabric too.  I used more of the curtain samples I was given.  There were some gorgeous fabrics - and the pieces were not large enough to line bags, but there was plenty to line these cases:
I'm thinking of making more lined pouches - some by adapting this pattern, and some using the various other patterns I have.  Small items are often bought by people who won't spend the money on a large bag - and these were very satisfying to make.
I have to say though, on my wish list is a press to add studs!  Sewing poppers is really tedious...!

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