Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Cobblestones bag

This was a really good bag for using up scraps.

I cut 2" strips of fabric.  Between two identical strips of denim I put a strip of patterned cotton and sewed along all the long seams.  After pressing, I cut this into 2" slices.  At the top and bottom of each piece I sewed another 2" strip of denim.  This made each of the "cobblestone" patches.

As I am making these bags to sell, I usually make at least 5 of one particular style at a time.  So I make cobblestones in lots of different colourways and mix them up for the different bags.
I used 9 of these for each side of the bag.  I joined them in strips of 3, then sewed the strips together. Then I sewed the sides together round three edges.

The handles for the bags were made from 4" strips of denim.  I pressed the long edges in 1/4", then folded the straps wrong sides together and sewed 1/4" in along each long edge.

I cut lining to match, and a 2" binding strip.  I sewed the lining together, then put it inside the bag, wrong sides together.  I pinned the handles in place then sewed the binding round the top of the bag, slip stitching the binding by hand on the inside.

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  1. The cobblestone design looks great and you can make it with such tiny fabric scraps. A practical and roomy tote that looks good.