Thursday, 15 March 2012

Puffy coin purse

I've been running up lots of coin purses, supplementing my dwindling stock of jeans with lovely curtain samples.  Here are some results:

This is a little purse which has a darted body, so sits quite neatly.
First cut your fabrics.  I used denim for the top, 2" x 5".  I used scraps of curtain fabric for the zip ends and a semi-circle with the darts cut out for the body.  My zip was 4" long.

First sew the darts together.

Stitch the zip ends on, trim to the same width as the zip, and then add the top panels.
Trim the zip ends to the same length as the top panels.  Stitch the top panels to the straight edge of the body pieces:
Fold in half and stitch all the way round, then turn the right way in.
Really quick and easy to make, and useful little purses for those odd coins, or maybe for a lipstick or two.
I'm sharing this at the following link parties:


  1. Great, easy tutorial. I think I'll pick up some zippers my next time out and give this a try. Thanks for sharing this at our party today.

  2. Darts give a great shape to purses and pouches. These look cute and would be a good size just for coins.

  3. Thank you both. I'm pleased with how they turned out.