Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Tuesday week 1: Meeting the women of Utange

Today I had arranged to meet any women in Utange who had ideas for building their businesses.  I arrived early at the church (I'm still working on UK time, not African time - and I don't mean the time difference, more the different concept of time!) I met with Pastor John in his office before we walked over to the Church. Once again, Jess had come to support me and once again - even more so - her support was invaluable.
When we started, with prayer and praise, there were only 20 or so women there.  However, the numbers grew steadily.  I took a photo of each lady and, as I spoke to them (and Moses translated), Jess recorded the information.  


  1. Just a few interested women!! How many are interested in the sewing? Guess some have other ideas. You have certainly made an impression. Well done you x

    1. Didn't even get to the sewing classes but already have 20 women in Florence's group for that! I think the plan is to invite them to sign up to join us there if they wish - don't want to be too inundated!