Sunday, 7 August 2016

Feeding programme week 2

Another busy day today. I went over to Utange around midday to help with the feeding programme. Most of the adults who help to organise it were away, for one reason or another, so it was a bit of a
challenge. However, we had lots of help from the older Casuarina House boys, and Sheila (who hopes to come to Bromham Baptist on their intern programme) was a fantastic help to Jess and I.  The ladies who cook were also there of course, and this week they were a wonderful team.
I let Jess have phone to take pictures and she certainly made the most of the opportunity!  Here is a selection of her photos:
The children line up, ready to come to the serving area.  We put out benches to make a "tunnel" for them and it seemed to help to keep order and prevent children who are not on the feeding list from joining the line.
The children then came in, in groups of ten, to the cooking area:

Sheila and I were serving, with the aid of some women from the village.
After what we went into the church to give out the maize flour.  This was much more manic; both Sonya and I had to use our "teacher voices"!  I think the children found that amusing from a "muzungu" (white person).
On the was, Zachariah showed me the list he had made for bulk buys of cereals. He asked for nearly £700 more and I had to tell him I could not give him anything like that. I gave him 10000 ksh (about £75). I explained that I would be working hard when I git home to make more money for women's businesses, and that unfortunately I could not help everyone as much as I would like to.

After feeding I spoke with Christopher. He had good news on the sewing machines, having managed to find a stock clearance with reduced prices. However, I needed to provide the money for the deposit almost immediately - about £700.  Given that I can only withdraw £500 at a time, and doing so involves a 2-3 mile journey to a cashpoint, this was worrying, but I said I would do my best. Then he gave me the price for the
water tank and pump, which again was about £700. He said that the couple needed a tower building. I told him not to do anything more and I would pray about it.

In two very specific ways, God showed me that He is with me in this.  I spoke with Debbie and she told me that Christopher had told her that the couple wanted a tower for the tank so that it would provide enough pressure for when they built their house! Armed with that information I was able to go back to Christopher and tell him I would not pay for a tower but he could install the pump and tank and also build the chicken shed another lady wanted.  Then when I got back to the hotel I found that I had the exact amount needed for the deposit in my safe, from what I had already withdrawn.

It is apparent that there is a habit in Kenya - when given something, people ask for more! So far I am managing to resist the pressure.It is hard not to be able to help everyone and give them all that they ask for, but I am trusting that I am being guided to make the right decisions, and it certainly feels that way.


  1. That's hard working out who best to help but it sounds as if you are making wise decisions. They believe you are made of money and probably think it grows on trees in UK.If only they appreciated how hard you work to raise that money. Well done you x

    1. The decisions were hard, and the requests difficult to deal with today. I have to hold on to the fact that I am seeking God's guidance, so even if I get it wrong I believe he will honour the decisions.

    2. I think you need to add negotiater, diplomat and investment manager to your bio Carolyn! Sounds like you're not only offering many of the people there the opportunity to start their own business but exercising wisdom and gifting in being a good steward of the money raised. Please be encouraged there are many of us following your progress with great interest, respect and in prayer. Asking God to continue to guide you and protect you. JM-K x

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  2. Thank you Jules. I am joust holding on to the knowledge that, as I am seeking what God wants me to do, even if I make a mistake, he will honour the decision. There is so much need here - and also so many who just want things handed to them - that making those decisions comes with a lot of responsibility. Thank you for following my journey.