Friday, 26 August 2016

Tuesday - roller coaster day

Today was a roller coaster day - some very difficult parts and some really good ones.
We began the day with the last of our seeing sessions. When we arrived at Noah's Ark, I was so excited to find that two of the ladies had begun making patchwork bags, using the scraps of fabric left over from other projects. Florence told me she had stayed working past dark the previous night, using the solar lamp I had given the group, and she had a completed bag outer and lining. Another of the ladies had the front of a bag made. They looked lovely in the lesso fabrics.

The ladies worked really hard, and by the end of the morning we had a number of completed animals.

I bought two of the bags they had made prior to our arrival - one made around a basket and the other made from recycled plastic bags, which will make a great peg bag. The price I was given was rather high, but I was happy to pay it to encourage them.
While at Noah's Ark I had a phone call from Festus. He explained that the charcoal had not been delivered and would not be ready until the next day as there was so much to pack. That had several consequences - I would not be able to distribute it that afternoon, I had no way of letting the ladies who were turning up that afternoon to collect it know that it would not be ready so they would all turn up anyway, and I would not be able to hand it out on Wednesday due to our safari. Fortunately Festus had the African "hakuna matatu" (no worries) attitude and said he would tell the ladies to return the following day and he was happy to distribute the charcoal then.
From Noah's Ark I went to Casuarina House as planned (after promising to return briefly on Saturday to say goodbye) to meet Christopher who was preparing to build a chicken shed and a water tank with pump for me.
My final outing of the day was a real high. Zachariah took me to see Phanice, the young lady I sent money to so that she could set up a market stall. She was so warm and friendly and so grateful. Her shop looked lovely; she had decorated it, added a sign, and had a great mix of new and second hand clothing.i bought a necklace (made by her sisters) and she gave me one she had made herself. What is more, I discovered that her mama, Rose, is part of the Noah's Ark group and has been attending my sessions!
I enjoyed a brief swim back at the hotel, and then some quiet time in my room, before going to reception to meet with Patrick's wife and youngest daughter, Jane. Patrick's wife was very pleased with the fabric I had brought for her and with the 20 solar lamps I gave her to either sell or rent out.

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