Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Interesting tour

Monday morning was occupied by our fourth sewing session.There were fewer ladies today and that made everything much easier. Many have nearly completed what they are making. The sewing machine caused some frustration as the thread kept breaking. After some discussion over dinner tonight, Ronnie, Sue and I decided to try some of the thread I brought from England as we think the thread I bought in Mombasa may be the problem.
Frances had an interesting chat with Mary where she learnt that Mary was trained as a tailor at Bombolulu as she had a bone condition which made her disabled. That tied in well with a conversation I had with Florence who said she would like the ladies group to make the uniforms for the pupils at Noahs Ark.
While the sewing was progressing, Phil took the committee to get the approval of the chief for their Sacco. Will went with them and photos will follow.
After the sewing session, Will and I went to Nakumatt while Phil took the ladies in to Mombasa to obtain government approval for their Sacco. This was also a successful expedition and included the group meeting the larger salvo which will provide them with training and support.
In the afternoon, Patrick had arranged for use to have a tour of the Severing Sea Lodge kitchens.

 This was really interesting and proved to me how well facilitated the wonderful food here is. We had enjoyed kingdoms on several occasions at dinner, and in the butchery (where Patrick works) we saw one prior to it being prepared. We were told they are locally caught and brought to the hotel - and this is a small one!

Resting on my veranda, I enjoyed watching themes at their usual antics.
One more day here and then we are off on safari. There will most likely be a two or three  day pause in this blog on Wednesday and Thursday as there is no WiFi at the lodge we are visiting. I will try to update on my return on Friday afternoon. (Ronnie was correct in her comment below and I have edited this accordingly!)

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  1. Think Caroline means Friday when we return. Caroline already seeing results in her amazing generosity. She really is a ray of hope to these families x