Friday, 26 August 2016

Thursday: safari day 2

Another early start to the day today. Our first game drive was at 6am. As we left the lodge it was still dark, but by the time we reached the main road it was fully light; the changes between day and night happen really rapidly here.
For the first part of our drive there were no animals to be seen, but then we happened upon some Impala and other animals followed swiftly. We saw bushbuck and hartebeast again, along with more water buffalo and warthogs. Then we had the magical moment of the drive, spotting the very rare Sable antelope. Shimba Hills is the only place where they can be found in Kenya, and Patrick told us that there are only two groups of them in the park - and we had seen one of the groups.

Back for a delicious breakfast, followed by another game drive - this time to the elephant reserve, about a half hour drive down the road. Sadly we didn't see any elephants, or any new animals, but the drive itself was through gorgeous countryside and I took many photos of the most unusually shaped (to my Western eyes) trees.

During lunch we were entertained by the tree squirrels, which fee from the railings and feeding table alongside us. I also spotted the monitor lizard I had seen swimming in the lake on the previous day, and the fish eagles continued to catch our eyes.
The evening drive was enjoyable - we spotted sable antelopes, bushbucks and Impala again, along with the ever-amusing warthogs and impressive water buffalo. Sadly, still no elephants or giraffes, despite Patrick's best efforts. Back to the wonderful lodge for another fabulous meal - and this time we had bush babies visiting and enjoying our offerings of bread rolls!

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