Monday, 1 August 2016

Sunday week 1

Today ended up being a full day, and one which left me feeling much more positive.
Debbie picked me up this morning to go to the English service at Utange Baptist Church.  This is a newish venture and one which they hope will grow.
Two of the Casuarina children were playing in the service: Dennis on drums:
 And Gereza on keyboards:

I spoke during the service about how I hope to be able to help the women, stressing that I started small and my project grew and that I am looking for similar small amounts of help I can offer.  I gave examples of a sewing machine or a hand cart.  Paul spoke and I found this really helpful; he emphasised using the gifts we have been given to build up each other.  Then I stayed for the start of the Swahili service and spoke again, with John translating.  This time I shared a bit more of my own journey.  It seemed to be very well received.  The women were invited to come to the Church on Tuesday if they have a business and would like small help to grow it.  Debbie thinks I will be inundated!  I just hope I can speak to all those who come, individually, before lunch time!

After the services we went back to Casuarina for lunch and to relax.  I really did relax as well.  I went and looked at the garden which I helped (in a very small way) to clear on my previous visit:
It is being well used - this photo does not really due justice - and lots of crops are being grown.  The fruit trees around the edge are doing really well too, and I saw plenty of bananas growing!

I watched some of the children playing a Swedish game which seems to involve throwing sticks to knock down skittles:
 To win the game you have to knock down a "king pin" - but you have to throw backwards, between your legs!
I persuaded some of the girls to pose with "Henry Henlow", our school bear.  I have brought him travelling with me this summer.
I think they were a little bemused, but I am sure our pupils at school will enjoy this!
Juma came over and I was able to give him a larger solar lamp for his family; the one he received last year is really helping, apparently.
After hanging out some washing, a group of us went off to a restaurant, Sea Haven, for an evening meal.  This was set in lovely surroundings, and it was good to eat out with others.

After the meal, I returned to Severin to a room upgrade which Debbie had arranged for me.  My new room is not next door to the late-night noise from the neighbouring hotel (amplified music, just over the wall; really I should have asked to change after the first night ) and has a TV as well as more space.  It was such a help last night to be able to have the TV on as background noise and I went to bed feeling much more settled and less lonely.


  1. It sounds like you're in for a busy time and great news on the upgrade. I hope Henry Henlow is having fun too!!!!!! Wouldn't it be great to see your plan coming to fruition by having lots of women set up in business. Such a blessing !!! X

    1. Henry stayed at home today but will get his share of outings! I am really hoping to help lots orphan women. Hopefully more news on to orrow's uodate.

  2. Hi Caroline,

    I'm really jealous seeing the pictures. Please could you give my love to the kids at Casuarina - it's great to see Dennis and Gereza making music! I hope the instruments at Casuarina are still growing strong (ukuleles/guitar).

    The sewing project with the women sounds fantastic! I hope it opens up new opportunities for the community.

    Love to all xx

    1. Thank you Bob. I will pass on your greetings and check about the instruments. Dennis is apparently the musical prodigy in the house and is playing keyboards as well now. Will check the state of the instruments and let you know.

    2. Hii Bob. Talked to Right today as he was carrying the guitar from an outdoor jamming session. He says the instruments are going well. I will try to get some photos next week and upload them here.