Monday, 29 August 2016

Last day in Kenya

My last day in Kenya was another busy one, as I tried to tie up as many loose ends as possible.  The first part of the day was mainly taken up with sorting and packing. At 11.40 Ronnie and I headed off to Noah's Ark to say our goodbyes to the ladies there. I told them about the possible outlets, and also spoke quite firmly about the importance of fair and sensible pricing, which I think was taken on board. The ladies gave each of us a kanga, as they had also done for Will, Frances, Phil and Sue. I took lots of photos of the items they had finished to send on to the two possible outlets for their work.

From Noah's Ark Ronnie and I walked to Utange Baptist Church to help with the feeding programme. There were American pastors visiting the feeding, so we shared turns in handing out the cooked meal. The pastors had also brought over an immense number of flip flops to hand out to the children on the feeding programme. The distribution of these was very difficult to manage and there were several points at which I was very concerned that one of the smaller children was in danger of being seriously hurt.

I managed to get a photo of myself with Rose, wearing the dress she made for me with the fabric we bought in Mombasa.

Then it was back o Casuarina House to meet with Christopher and visit the two projects he has been working on for me. These entailed a much longer walk than I had anticipated! First we went to see Sara and Mattias with the water tank and pump I paid for:

Then we went on to Margaret's home to see the chicken shed Christopher has been repairing and improving.

On the way back I met a couple of the women to whom I have given charcoal, which was a bonus.

Finally we headed back to Severin to shower and checkout, and then our long journey home began.

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