Monday, 28 May 2012

Pentecost in the Park

Yesterday was a lovely, sunny day, which I spent outdoors, at a large Christian event in Northampton.  There was music all day, sunshine with a pleasant breeze (and shade under the gazebo!) and lots of people.

I sold a huge number of owl phone cases.  Great - but it does mean that I will have to make some more before my next sale in two weeks time.  Not too sure I am ready for that after the last 50 only a couple of weeks ago!  I have a list of bags I need to restock - for once I rememebered to create this at the event!  I need to make:
Belinda bags
Monster purses
Small owl bags
Pencil cases with pockets
Diamond bags
Big Bow Shoppers
Little Tote with flower
Panda phone cases sold out - but I have no more white jeans to use to replace them!
Wide shoppers

Hmmm ... what are my chances of getting all of those done in the next two weeks, I wonder...!

Just to encourage myself - this photo always remind me why I am doing this when I feel a little overwhelmed at the task in hand:
This shows two of the children being fed by the feeding programme in Utange.  Every time I sell a purse (my cheapest item) I remember that its sale feed a child on the programme for a week - a cooked meal on Saturday and a bag of maize to keep things going during the week.

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  1. Oh my I'm glad you had such a successful sale - congratulations! I hope you won't go crazy for 2 weeks trying to get a zillion things done though - the stress isn't good for you! What about concentrating on a few items - like 3 or 4 different items (with multiples of each) instead of 10 - you still have stock left, I think? I worry that you're going to make yourself crazy trying to get so many things done, even though it's for a good cause!