Sunday, 27 May 2012

Penguin phone case

I had some creative moments yesterday, making two new phone cases.  I have eight versions of this one, all slightly different (of course!)  I don't like to repeat myself... This was inspired by a picture I found online; I can't claim all the credit.  I like how it turned out, however.  I will be interested to see how it is received at the sales I am due to attend - three in the next six weeks, the first being today.
I'm posting this at the following link parties:
Sunday Funday
Craft School Sunday
Sundae Scoop


  1. This is so cute with those funny eyes :)
    Wish you a beautiful week,

  2. HAHA cute penguin - I have patterns for a penguin stuffy and a penguin drawstring bag that I need to get done for a gift ... an Easter gift, oops, LOL! I really should bump those projects higher on my To Do list!! ;)

  3. very cute, thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!