Sunday, 6 May 2012

Milton Keynes Garden Event

Yesterday I set up the bags at a big event locally.  It is held at Milton Keynes Bowl - there were stalls all round the road which runs outside the Bowl. As well as the bags, we were selling plants, books, CDs, and doing facepainting - but I was focused on the bags.
It was an outdoor event and boy was it cold.  I had the heating on full for my journey home and was still cold 3 hours later - I didn't warm up till I had had a hot bath. I was only there yesterday but the event continues throughout the Bank Holiday - today and tomorrow - with other people manning the stalls.
The owl phone cases were extremely popular - I now need to get going on making new stock of those as I have few left.  People also liked the monster phone cases so I will be making more of those, and maybe looking at making other novelty phone cases.  Small items sold best, though I did sell a Belinda bag to a lady who needed a beach bag.  With the summer on its way (I hope) I may look at other beach bag syle bags.
Here is how the stall looked:

Memo to myself - take a chair next time.  Standing for 6 hours has taken its toll on my back!! 


  1. It sounds like you had another successful day -- I'm not surprised that the owls and monsters were popular! Do you have access to window or pet screening (net)? It makes great summer bags, and would look really good with the denim! I got mine @ the local hardware store - pet screening might be a bit thicker than window screening. Both are made of plastic so you can actually sew them!