Thursday, 20 August 2015

Umbrella Fair

This event has now become another favourite of mine.  Last year I attended for only one day; this year it became one of the rare events at which I am happy to spend two days. 
The Umbrella Fair organisation describes itself as "a Northampton-based community co-operative of local people promoting sustainable living and community co-operation."  Every year, a group of volunteers create a free festival in the centre of Northampton.  Stalls, marquees, music, food (all vegetarian) appear, as if by magic but in fact as the result of a huge amount of hard work.

We were blessed this year with good weather, and sunshine most of the time.  Saturday was a little windy when the sun went behind the clouds, but on Sunday my warm layers did not need to make any appearance.

Crowds were out in force, as this event deserved, and I had many interesting discussions with visitors, as well as a very pleasing number of sales.  I guess that my emphasis on recycling fits well with the ethos of the sale,

 The music played, from a number of stages scattered across the site.  I was mostly aware of the music from the main stage, but heard snippets from (I think) the youth stage as well, from my stall.  As I left on both days, the music was still playing and the audience seemed to be very appreciative.

I was happy with where my stall was positioned - last year I was up at the very top of the site, but this year I felt very much in the middle of the event, which was lovely.  The children's area was opposite me (I was very tempted to go and enjoy the story telling, crafts and other activities on offer there!) and there was a wide range of stalls around me.

I was also pleased with the set up I managed of my items - though lots of shuffling took place as the days progressed and items sold!  I have a lot of restocking to do.

One young visitor found a great place for her new pet as she explored the show...

 Thank you, Umbrella Fair, for a great event.  Unfortunately I won't be there next year as I expect to be in Utange, working with the women there.  I look forward to 2017!

 Thanks too to Hannah for the photos.

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