Friday, 14 August 2015

Moggerhanger Country Fair

I last went to this event, organised by St John's Hospice at Moggerhanger, two years ago.  Two years ago the weather was perfect summer weather - sunny, warm, still.  Last year was apparently torrential rain and quite miserable.  This year we got the sunshine again. 
The setting was practically perfect.  (It would have been absolutely perfect had it not been for the wasps nesxst discovered by the stall two away from me as they were setting up!)  The crowds were large, and seemed to be in a buying mood, and I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the sunshine and sewing up yet more elephants.  The elephants were so much in demand that I didn't have time to take photos of them before they sold - in fact, on one occasion the customers returned later so that I had time to sew the elephant they wanted up!
A great day. My only question is - do I risk next year or assume the good weather comes every two years?!

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