Monday, 10 August 2015

Bag making day

On Saturday I had my second Make a bag day at Tudor Rose Patchwork in Oakley.  Very kindly they let me have the use of their workshops, and advertised and took bookings for the event.  I have been steadily cutting up pockets in anticipation, so by the time the day came I had a really good number and selection!

(This is just SOME of the pockets, after I had sorted them into size.)

There were three people who stayed throughout the day, and another six who came for part of the day.  Most made bags, but three very dedicated ladies cut out pieces for my next batch of elephants and lions.  Much appreciated!

All of the ladies sewed their socks off!  Of those making bags, all made at least one bag; some made three.  All seemed to really enjoy themselves, and we had some great conversations.Some photos from the day:

Individual finished bags with their makers:

And the final pile of 13 completed bags:

Thanks to all who came, and big thanks to Tudor Rose Patchwork for their support.  A special shout out to Sally who helped solve sewing machine malfunctions!

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