Wednesday, 5 August 2015

How to deconstruct jeans

I thought this might be useful to some.  This is one way in which I deconstruct jeans.
Take one pair of jeans.

 Cut up each leg seam to separate front and back legs.
 Cut the back pockets off and trim to an appropriate size.  I aim to cut to 8" square, but these pockets ended up as 9" square.  I use the pockets to make one of my varieties of pocket bag.

 I trimmed one front pocket to 6" square, though I am not sure as yet what I will use if for.  This is often a problem with front pockets - they are very attractive but often difficult to use.  In this case I loved the buttons, but had to use the seam and the waistband in order to have any chance of using them.  I may manage to turn this into a pocket purse.
 The other front pocket was easier to make use of.  I cut it to size for a mobile phone case.
I cut as much as possible of the legs into 4" strips.  For me, this is the most versatile use.  I can use these for my flower bags, for the top of a pocket backpack, for handles, or piece four different strips together and cut into 4" squares.

 The remainer of the legs was cut into 3" strips.
 The scraps - of a reasonable size - will be used for crazy patchwork, or "found fabric" as I sometimes call it.  I keep bags of scraps and, when I am feeling creative, piece them together to create new pieces of fabric.
So there you have it. One way of deconstructing jeans.

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