Saturday, 8 August 2015

Pocket purses

This has proved another very popular line - so much so that I have virtually sold out.  So, before my imminent run of sales, it was time to restock this line as well.
I was given a loarge reel of grosgrain ribbon, which I have used for the "string" on some of these pouches.  I will be interested to see the response.
As ever, interesting (and fairly small) pockets are the key - these are a good way of using the pockets on children's jeans.  I have found it much quicker to make these witha zip top rather than with a flap fastened with a button.  This is a clear sign of my growth in confidence - I still remember (and am frequently reminded) saying to a friend that I "don't do zips".  Fortunately I have conquered that fear!

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