Sunday, 8 June 2014

Day 1 of Milton Keynes Handmade and vintage fair

What a fantastic day!  This is my first time at this event, held in the centre of a huge shopping area (I think in American terms it would be called a mall).  There were 120 stalls full of handmade and vintage items, and thanks to having help from Debbie and Paul, I did manage to get round and have a look!  Tomorrow I hope I may even manage to take photos of some of the other stalls too.  For today I only managed to photograph mine, and some in my aisle:
 My stall, set up for business...
 The new "Harry Potter" range.  This was much depleted by the end of the day!

 The table full of smaller items.
 Looking one way down the row...
....and in the other direction.

It was a very long day - I arrived at 8am and left at 7pm.  But I made over £200 worth of sales, and had some fantastic conversations with people.  Hoping for an equally good day tomorrow.

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