Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Boxy pocket bag tutorial

As promised a few days ago, here is the tutorial for these little bags:

You will need: two pockets cut from jeans (I usually cut mine 6" or so wide and 8 inches deep; children's jeans work really well for these); two pieces of lining the same size; a zip to fit the short edge of the fabric and a piece of piping cord or similar for the strap.
 Sandwich the zip between one piece of denim and one piece of lining and stitch along the top.

Open up the pieces and repeat with the other piece of denim and lining.
Open the zip! (very important!)
Open them out and pin the linings together and the denim pieces together, with the cord sandwiched between the two pieces of denim, next to the zip.

Sew around the edge, leaving a gap along the base of the lining.

Cut a small square out of each corner. I usually make mine about 1cm long.
Pinch the cut edges together and sew along the straight edges to make the boxed base.

 Turn right side out.
 Stitch along the open edge of the lining and slip it inside the bag.

 It's a simple little bag; making them in batches I have found them very quick to complete.  I'd love to see any you make.


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