Friday, 20 July 2012

Legends Youth Group Cutting Party

I took a massive number of jeans along to our Church youth group last night.  It was my first attempt at involving others with the bag project on a large scale, and was a huge success.  Between them the young people (aged 11 to 17) cut up all the jeans and I came home with this:

I had a wonderful evening - they were great company and really interested in the work in Utange and the bags I am making.  Hopefully I will have more such sessions with them, and I may even go back in the Autumn to do a phone case making session.
Next cutting session is on Saturday - at this rate I am hopeful that I will have lots of bags cut out and ready to sew!  I have another large bag of jeans waiting to be cut up, thanks to Emmaus, and a selection of patterns and cutting instructions ready to go.

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