Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Makes

The last week has been manic - school summer fair on Friday, hosting Watoto Children's choir at our Church on Saturday (and helping with transport on Sunday), E2BN conference Monday to Wednesday nights ... Not much sewing done till Friday evening, but I am now making up for lost time and frantically restocking before my next event in a week's time.
Before I start posting photos of my restocks, here are some collages of last month's makes.  I'm using a new photo collage maker this time (Smilebox if you are interested) - I can't put as many photos on at once, so three separate collages for you. 
These were last month's bag makes:
These were (most of) the pouches and purses I made last month:
And these were my stalls:
Last month's sales totalled around £600, which is enough to feed all the children on the Feed500 programme for two weeks.
I have to admit, however, that I am glad I only have one event to do in July!


  1. You are amazing with the amount of sewing you do!!! Well done on raising so much!!!

  2. You must feel a HUGE sense of accomplishment when you do your photo collage (I still have June projects to photograph so I'll do my collage in a day or two) and realize what the end results were. Certainly the kids who are getting fed must feel pretty dang happy about your efforts!