Monday, 9 July 2012

Bromham Show

This is always a great event, and this year was no exception. Despite very showery weather (and some downpours) we had lots of visitors and lots of interest. The loan of a gazebo ensured we did not get soaked, and in fact were able to tempt visitors in with the offer of a dry space!

The ability to hang bags around the edge of the gazebo attracted interest - as well as providing extra display space!  This was my third year at Bromham, and I am finding it interesting to reflect on how my range of stock has increased over the years.  It was lovely to have people coming back this year as repeat customers!


  1. Your bags are absolutely functional and pretty. Your kind heart helps many many less fortunate people. If I were there I must have come.

  2. You're definitely unstoppable - I'm in awe of how MUCH you get done, and what fun goodies you come up with! I hope you sold most (or all!) of your stock and that you get given MANY pairs of jeans to upcycle for such a good cause :)

  3. Thanks both. I would love to have some of my blog visitors come by one of my stands and introduce themselves!
    Sandra, I didn't sell all my stock by any stretch of the imagination! However, I do need to make some more owl phone cases....!