Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Embroidered purses

This was sparked off by the name labels I am embroidering for the Casuarina House children. I am getting better at them, but they are quite time-consuming, and i really wanted a faster, small project. So I went to my collection of images and pulled some small designs out. I embroidered them on my medium sized hoop and then cut the pieces to 6" x 5". I cut a matching oblong of denim for the back of the pouch and two oblo9ngs of lining. I then sewed the zip between the denim and the lining, leaving a gap of 1/2" at each end. I put the denim pieces right sides together, having remembered (most of the time) to open the zip first) and sewed round the three sides. I repeated this with the lining, but left a gap of about 2" along the bottom, for turning. Before turning I cut out a 1 1/2" square from each corner and boxed the corners to make the pouch shape. After turning I sewed up the gap in the base. I like these, and hope they will sell well. I will not repeat all of the designs as some (eg the "funky" one) take ages to sew, but I am now on the look out for more, similar designs - and am even considering trying to design some myself.

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  1. HA what a great way to try out the freebie embroidery patterns that are so widely available! Hope you posted these to Wendy's challenge!