Thursday, 7 June 2012

Pencil cases mark 2

In case you hadn't noticed, I've been stocking up on smaller items recently.  This is because several future sales I have lined up are likely to attract larger numbers of young people.  Last year I began making cheaper items. Now these account for as much as half of my range. It has been interesting to me to notice how I increasingly sell these cheaper items.  It may be a feature of the recession, but I am aware that many people will buy a purse or phone case. Would they have bought a bag if I had no cheaper items?  Possibly, but I suspect not.  In any case, these smaller items also give me an opportunity for creativity - and an opportunity to use small scraps of fabric.
This is a batch of pencil cases which were partly accidental.  I bought a large number of 12" zips.  Some I used last week to make pocket pencil cases.  This later batch of cases used up some jeans I could not use for other projects because they featured decorative stitching.  This decorative stitching was, I hope, used to good effect on these cases.  I cut pieces 11" x 13", attached zips to the onger side and then sewed the side seams placing the zips in the centre of one side.  I then boxed all corners, cutting a 1.5" square from each corner.  I was really pleased with the shape of the resulting case.  (No, no pattern, no real plan - I just played with the fabric!).

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  1. Those are PERFECT for kids and teenagers - I can just see the kids snapping them up!