Thursday, 21 June 2012


I wanted to share these pictures:

These are all children receiving food at the weekly session (every Saturday) in Utange, Kenya.  Utange is a traditional bush village.  At least 500 children in the village were only eating every three or four days before the feeding programme started. Now they get a weekly meal of rice or maize.
They then go on to collect a bag of maize flour which they take home.  This helps to keep them fed during the week.
Debbie noted on her last visit that the children are already looking better nourished.
The feeding programme initially cost £1000 each month, to feed 500 children. With the drought in Kenya, food prices have doubled and the programme now costs £2000 every month.
Which means that one of these:
raises enough money to feed a child for a week.
It means that my sales so far this year have raised enough to feed 500 children for two weeks.
It means that last year I raised enough to feed all the children for one month.
I'm aiming to beat that this year!

When people ask (as they often do) why I do this, I ask them how I could stop, knowing that what started as my hobby (and remains a pleasure, most of the time) is making a real difference to children like this:

For more information please visit the links at the top of the side bar. We have a facebook page which I maintain - please consider joining it.  Please watch the Feed 500 video. If any of my projects or tutorials have helped you, particularly if you have made any of them to sell, please consider making a donation through the Paypal link at the top of the page.  I know that some of you already have done so. Thank you. I don't have access to the information about who, so I can't thank you personally, but thank you on behalf of those children.
Thank you too to all those who follow my blog, or visit regularly; to all those who have featured me or linked to me.  It all helps.  It helps to encourage me to keep going, and it helps to get the word out about these children and others like them. 

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  1. Look at those precious little faces - I want to bring them home and cook them something and give them some toys to play with, and tuck them into bed with a story and a goodnight kiss ... what you're doing for those kids is - well - magnificent wouldn't be an overstatement! What a difference you're helping to make in their lives!