Friday, 8 June 2012

Owl purse tutorial

As promised, here is the tutorial for the owl purse.
You will need:
Main fabric and lining fabric - two 4" squares, one 4" x 3.5" rectangle with one long edge cut into a curve.
Lining fabric - two rectangles, each 1.5" x 4".  Cut the top into a curve for the wings.
Two small circles of white felt or fleece for the eyes.
A small triangle of yellow felt for the beak.
Two small black buttons.
One small square of velcro.

First applique the eyes to the smaller main fabric piece, and then sew on the buttons.

Applique the wings to one of the main fabric squares.
Applique velcro to the middle of this body piece, and also to the head lining piece. Sew this body piece to a matching lining.
Put the two head pieces (main and lining) right sides together with the beak piece in place between the two and sew round the curved edges.
Turn right side out and press.

Put this piece between the other two body pieces.  Make sure the main fabric of the head and body pieces are facing each other.  Sew across the top.
Open both pieces out and put right sides together, with the same fabrics facing.  Leave the edge of the lining piece open but sew round the other three sides.
Turn right side out.
Fold the raw edges of the lining in and stitch across the top.  You can either hand sew or machine sew.  Push the lining inside the bag and you are finished.
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  1. As always, a fabulous tutorial and a super cute little purse.

  2. Such a cute little gift for a kid - especially with a lipgloss or a gift card or a couple of dinky cars tucked in it!

  3. Thanks for joining the WNWNW party over at look forward to seeing you next week.

  4. What a cute little purse. Thanks for the tutorial.