Saturday, 23 July 2016

Preparing for a big step

Term ended yesterday, and I have five days until I step onto a plane to go to Kenya. My previous trip was six years ago; since that visit I have wanted to return, but the time has not been right until now.
I'm going to be there for a month. For the first two weeks I will be working alone, meeting women who would like to set up business s and organising the purchasing of the resources to make that happen. For the last two weeks I will be joined by five lovely people and together we will offer some training to the ladies.
Today I have been working my way through a lengthy list of jobs in preparation. Most are complete, thankfully. Tomorrow I have my farewell to Church friends; Monday and Tuesday are a family get together (celebrating the graduations of our daughters) and Wednesday will, I suspect, be spent packing before saying goodbye to my husband (and dog) and heading down to the airport ready for the flight on Thursday morning. My hope is to update this blog on a daily basis while I am out. Please feel free to leave comments - it will encourage me so much!

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