Thursday, 28 July 2016

Journey part 1

My morning yesterday was spent on all those last minute jobs, before Will took me to the station to get the very convenient train to Gatwick.

For a wonder, the train was clean and smart - Thameslink have definitely improved since I last used them! I enjoyed watching the changing scenery, particularly the different residential buildings through London. I caught this wonderful view of the Thames:
And a glimpse of early-ripening blackberries trackside:
Reaching Gatwick I was unfortunately unable to check in my case. Fortunately there was (just!) room to fit it in my cabin at Yotel!
Yotel was a new experience, and one which I really enjoyed. My pod was "small but perfectly formed" and the constant availability of free drinks was brilliant.
My evening meal was spent people watching:
And although the burger was a little dry, the cider went down very well!


  1. By the time you read this you will be in Kenya. Hope you had a good trip and are now relaxing . Looking forward to your updates. X

    1. Thanks Michelle. Two more updates posted and will try to keep them coming. Things are starting to move now. Went into Mombasa today (with Festus - house dad - and all all felt very safe.

  2. I would love to FaceTime but not sure if the number I have is the one you're using. Let me know and L'll make contact. X

    1. On FaceTime it is my email address (as on the church website). Unfortunately I can't do Skype as the devices I have don't support it. Let me know if you want to chat tomorrow - Facebook messenger is probably the best way to arrange a time. Be prepared for a slightly flakey internet connection my end, which leads to some long pauses and silences! Would be great to talk.