Friday, 29 July 2016

Journey part 2

An early start - 6.15 - meant I was quickly through the baggage drop. Another bonus was being offered a seat change - still by the window, but with extra leg room, next to the emergency exits.
Breakfast was enhanced by a conversation with Vivienne, who lives in the same town as me (what are the chances of that?!). It was followed by more people watching and a little shopping. Nothing major, though I did splurge on two books which caught my eye in the "buy one, get the second half price" offer. I love online shopping and ebooks - but browsing is much more satisfying in a book shop. I've already completed the first of my purchases - a rally interesting recount of how a family's life changed when the author's brother suffered a brain injury.
Remarkably quickly, it seemed, we were called to the gate. However, that was the last remarkably quick thing for a while. We ended up taking off an hour late.
Turkish airlines strikes me as much more luxurious than other
Airlines on which I have travelled. Individual screens with a huge range of films, music, tv programmes and other assorted resources. I enjoyed watching our route on a 3D map as well, identifying Belgium, Austria, Serbia and Bulgaria as we travelled over them.

The descent into istanbul's Araturk airport was spectacular. We flew in over the sea and then along the coast.
Despite the late departure, there were still 90 minutes between our arrival and the scheduled departure of the next flight. Which was just as well. The gate number was 700 - and it was right at the far end of a vast departures terminal. The walk took 20 minutes.
20 minutes before the scheduled takeoff, we had not boarded the bus to take us to the plane so it was clear this would be another late takeoff. When we did get plane side, we waited in the bus for another ten minutes. There were lots of increasingly short tempered passengers while seating was taking place, but eventually we were ready to depart - an hour late once more!
Caught a fabulous sunset en route.
After unloading passengers at Kilimanjaro, and reloading replacements, we had only a short hop to Mombasa where I was met by Bene from Severin. I crawled into bed at 5am!

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