Thursday, 1 August 2013

July 2013 makes - and a reminder of why I do this.


Two sales last month, and a total of £230 raised for Utange.  That will feed half of the children on the feeding programme (500 starving children, who otherwise would only eat every 3-4 days) for a week.  They get a bowl of rice and beans at the Saturday feeding (pictured), and a bag of maize flour to take home to feed them for the week.
I don't think I can do better justice to the emotional impact of this programme than to quote the words of a young recent volunteer, who witnessed the distributions:
"It was emotionally testing; I don’t think anyone really spoke for the whole afternoon after we finished. The hardest part was J realising he had one bag of flour remaining with around twenty children standing empty-handed. On top of this was seeing a small five-year-old boy heave home his flour bag with one hand, due to his broken arm being entirely useless."
If you feel able to contribute to the costs of this, there is a paypal link at the top of the side bar.  Thank you.

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