Saturday, 3 August 2013

Bromham Show

Last year's Bromham show was heavily impacted (pun intended!) by rain.  Terrific storms, torrential downpoars - but still a great atmosphere.  In terms of weather, this year could not have provided a greater contrast.  The sun shone throughout the day - so much so that sitting outside my gazebo proved unwise, and consequently I managed noe of the cutting out I had carefully taken with me!  Fortunately I was well looked after and provided with an almost unending supply of drinks by the volunteers from the local churches.
It was a long day (particularly as I left the house at 7am to help cook bacon butties for those setting up the show!)  Sales were down on last year by some considerable amount.  I am not sure whether this was due to everyone spending their money on icecreams and drinks, or simply that this is the fourth year that I have been to Bromham show - and Bromham is a small village, so most people in it have already had the chance to buy my wares!  However, I had some good conversations, and a prime position for the displays in the main arena.  The two highlights, for me, were the sheepdog and duck displays, and the arrival of the RAF Falcons parachuting team - though we also had a football match, dancing, races, a double flypast and a vintage car display!
I'll leave youw ith some more photos of the day:

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