Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Henlow Academy summer fair

 As this is the school I teach at, I have to attend this event!  Having a stall to benefit Utange is a bonus.  To add to that bonus, the school now has a link with Utange Baptist Primary school, which has been attended by all the children living at Casuarina House.  (One pupil, Nicholas, has now moved on to secondary education). Hence there is a lot of awareness of Utange and its needs among the school community.
The fair this year was somewhat marred by the weather.  You might think that the end of June in the UK was a relatively good time to hold a largely outdoor fundraiser.  Our experience of the last three years might suggest otherwise!  This year we had heavy rain, then showers, and generally cold temperatures.  I am sure this affected the turnout, sadly.  However, I still made a good amount of money, and had some great conversations with pupils, parents, and other visitors.  The display board (created b a pupil) also attracted considerable attention.

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