Monday, 8 July 2013

Amazing event at Houghton Conquest

 I must be honest - two hours into this event my hopes and expectations had diminished, and I was feeling rather hopeless about it all.  But it seems that this annual event attracts the majority of its crowds later in the day - not surprisingly given the concert held in the evening.
Held in the grounds of the Old Rectory, on a beautiful summer day (a massive change from the night before when I was in rain-swept Henlow!), this was a great event.  I raised nearly £200, and sold out of many of my most popular lines.  The highlight may have been my new "fan club" - a group of four friends who initially bought matching owl bags, then returned for phone cases, then for other assorted items. The conversations I was able to have about why I do this and how it all started provided me with fantastic opportunities to talk about my faith and how blessed I feel by what I am doing.  To top it all, one conversation led to the donation of some fantastic unwanted curtains which will make lovely linings for future bags. 
A great day - thank you Houghton Conquest, and I hope to be back. (Now I have to go and stock up on owl bags, owl phone cases and other novelty phone cases!)

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