Saturday, 8 June 2013

Vanity Fair at Stevington

A beautiful (though windy) day found me at Stevington, in the glorious location of Kathy Brown's Gardens.  These gardens are regularly opened to the public, and today's event (a commemoration of John Bunyan) formed part of one of these openings.
I used my gazebo for my stall, which gave me plenty of space to display items. The wind did provide some challenges, however, and I rapidly abandoned any idea of using the keyring stand!  I also ended up having to tie various stands to the table or gazebo. Just to make it even more interesting, I was on a slope...

I raised a satisfying sum of money for Utange, and had some great conversations as well, along with several promises of jeans. I also had free entertainment from the costumed characters who were perusing the stalls.

A fun event - thank you Stevington!

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