Friday, 14 June 2013

Stony Stratford Riverside Fair

This was a lovely event.  Held outside on Stony Stratford's Mill Meadows, there was a wide range of attractions aimed at a family audience.  These included a climbing wall, Punch and Judy, a brass band, football, a "public art" activity, bouncy castle and slide - and all (and entry to the event) were free.  In addition there were about 20 small stalls, such as mine, representing mainly charities.

Perhaps because all the attractions were free, I found that people were very ready to look at my items and to buy.  I made what is my best total so far this year - just over £250.I also had a lot of great conversations and many compliments on my fund raising.  And I had a helper as well - thank you Yvonne; it made a massive difference to have someone help put things up and take them down!

 The only slightly detrimental factor was the wind - hence the pegs on the keyring stand, in a vain effort to prevent them flying off.  Still working on a permanent solution - my current thinking is elastic bands on the ends, and a weighted "doughnut" to hold the stand on the table!

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