Thursday, 3 September 2015

Noah's Ark Academy receive their lamps

The arrival of these photos made my day!  This is the second of the four schools in Utange to receive ten solar lamps as a result of my fund raising.  Noah's Ark Academy is a school for 3 - 8 year olds.  It was set up by Florence, and initially she taught the children in her house, also feeding them daily.  The children come from poor homes, and often their parents cannot afford to pay the school fees - and as a result, the teachers often cannot be paid.  It was hearing this, along with recognising that without electricity at home the job of marking and preparing lessons must be a huge challenge, that led me to allocate some of the lamps to teachers in each school.

A group has been set up to help Florence and the school, and as a result of their fundraising three classrooms, a kitchen and a toilet block have been built.  I hope that next year some of the training courses / workshops will be run at Noah's Ark.

The children, with their lamps and their guardians.
Two of the teachers with Florence (far right)
Juma, who helps administer the work of the charity which helps Noarh's Ark Academy.

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  1. The gesture is good, may you find joy in the life of those who you help