Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Kempston Fun Day

This is the third time I have attended this event, organised by Bedford Lions.  It seems to get better and better!  Yet again, we had lovely sunshine for the event, and lots of people attending.
 As ever, there was plenty of space, and I was able to use some of my recent display purchases to the full.  I have a new banner, which is just the right size to go on my gazebol

I bought two of these laundry hangers, which work really well for displaying bags where I have lots of the same style.
 I finally managed to fiond affordable S hooks of the right size, and these made it so much easier to display assorted bags.

 I added to my stock of bibs, and it was good to be able to fill up one stand with them.
 I also restocked the pocket purses on a string recently, making that display look much more impressive.
Another great addition was having a helper!  Kerena was a star - and said she enjoyed it!
Just to make the day practically perfect, my friend Kathy brought her dog Pye along to see me.  I have to say Pye was rather confused, as I usually take her out for a long walk when I see her,  As a PAT dog, she was in her element being fussed by visitors!

Another £215 raised for Utange, and a really enjoyable day.

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