Wednesday, 9 September 2015

MK Handmade and Vintage

What a wonderful event this is - one at which I feel privileged to exhibit.  The talent on show is phenomenal - though sadly I rarely get the opportunity to wander round and see everything.

Jacqui, ably aided by Andy, does an amazing organisational job, and on arriving on Friday night to see the stalls waiting to be filled, there was a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation.  What a spot - right in the middle of this huge shopping centre, and bathed with light.  My "spot" changed this time, to an absolutely ideal position, on one edge and facing the new Tiger store. 

One of the wonderful things about this event is that people have come to the centre to spend money!  Many seemed not to be aware of the event (clearly they have not read any local papers on news sites!) and seemed pleasantly surprised to find the stalls. 

I had many "returning customers", which was so encouraging.  A couple of pupils from my school dropped by, and I had some very interesting and supportive conversations.  Having brought along two sacks full of toys, I left with only four of the original set.  I sold at least 7 hippos, a similar number of elephants, two giraffes and a lion. 

I now need to make a huge number of toys before October's event.  I will do it - not least because a number of people have already told me they want to visit me then and stock up for Christmas!  I also need to restock a lot of the small items - bookmarks, purses and owl phone cases - which I suspect will be in demand for Christmas stocking fillers.

Thank you so much MK and Jacqui and Andy - can't wait to return.  Now, if only I could have a few extra hours every day between now and then....

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