Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas appeal

This is an appeal from The Sure Foundation, the charity I support.

It’s hard to write and ask for more help but I don’t want to see any of these vulnerable children going hungry. It’s a big blow for us that this year has seen a 16% tax increase on food in Kenya  which means we need to find an extra £3,000 in the coming year, on top of all our other costs, in order to continue providing the same level of food for both the children at Casuarina House and on our Feed500 programme.

We have already tried to cut back and this has meant a meal of just potatoes at times rather than meat and potatoes for the children at Casuarina House and smaller portions for the orphans on our Feed500 programme. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is not ideal, particularly as these children have so little in the first place.

I’m hopeful that our Christmas Appeal this year can meet this additional and unexpected cost. If you can make a donation you will be helping us to make the right choices in the food we can provide for the children.

If you feel able to donate, please use the Paypal link on the side bar, or visit the Sure Foundation website (link also on the side bar) for details of other ways to contribute.
Thank you so much.


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